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Adam David performing "Waterline" in a Critical Recording Session.

Andres Mena of "Meno"


Check out Andres as he performes his song "You're Just Gone" in a Critical Recording Session brought to you by Brother's Collective.

Check out our other Critical Recording Sessions on our YouTube.

Acoustic Night

House of Rock

January 31, 2013



Rock Night

House of Rock

February 22, 2013







Come and join us at The Covenant House of Rock in Doral for our Acoustic Night. Enjoy a fully interactive show where you can get a mic and ask the artists any question! Also, don't forget to go to the bar and get some drink specials.

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Emily Sheila performing "Cold Fingers" at the Critical Recordings Studio.

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"Cold Fingers" by Emily Sheila
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How to Run a Lucrative Music Business

By: Theresa Jeanette Pérez


It all starts with an experience, at least for me it started with love that progressed into a verse and continued with a poem that eventually became a song and just like that my passion for writing music began. I for one continue to write far more than music for the love I have for art but many people I know write only music, perform & live for getting their message across. To see their passion on stage is the biggest reward I get when I see these local artists perform. It’s easy to appreciate big artists on stage but it will never be as rewarding as watching them perform before they make it, the passion is way more noticeable & far more amazing. For many unsigned artists singing and performing is a way for them to market themselves and make a little money, their music is their business but making money isn’t that easy. However all hope is not lost, here are a few tips that will help you get your music business going!



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Rock Night

House of Rock

February 22, 2013



Rock the House

House of Rock

Friday, November 16, 2012




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Latest Collective Review

"fort worthless" by Dylan Ewen

By: Heather Perez


in that faded, masked sound of the suggested emotional male singer

Dylan Ewen's Fort Worthless is a keen observation of everyone's most apathetic year. All of us who have gone through or currently in the self-realization process recognizes this year in our respective timelines all too well. Depending on what stage of the process you are in, a warmth may come over you reminiscing how you soothed yourself when you hated your existence more than your dad did. Or you may cringe at the reminder of the sting from all of that self-loathing. 

What's great about ewen's rendition of self-loath is that his melodious rhythms carry his stories, which he seemingly delivers strategically for the listener. You want to know what is going to happen next! and you want to sing along while he amuses you with his morose meandering over jolly chords.